Missing Woman: The Cold Case Of Deanne Hastings

An Artists Missing Muse: Deanne Hastings And The 6 Year Anniversary Of Her Disappearance

Deanne's case is currently active with the Cold Case Foundation

Deanne Hastings has been missing since November 4th, 2015

I woke up this morning knowing that it's a sad day, but not knowing what story I wanted to tell. Today marks the six year anniversary of the disappearance of Deanne Hastings, my best friend and the person I loved above all else. Six years ago, Deanne vanished. Today, six years later, there are still no answers and we seem to be no closer to having them. This picture of Deanne shows her the last time she visited me in my studio with the last painting of mine she saw me working on in person.

If I'm being honest, I don't believe Deanne is still a part of this world and I believe that was already the case at the time she was listed a missing person. I personally believe she was murdered and I have very strong and substantiated reasons why, reasons that haven't been brought to public light and were not touched upon by the media. I think the media painted a picture like the media always does...to capture views and interest. In doing so, not only do I think they didn't help her, I think they may have hurt her chances of being found. I also don't believe that the men that were arrested had anything to do with her disappearance based up what I know about Deanne and her situation at that point in time.

Deanne is always on my mind, but even more so in recent months as I watched the stories of the disappearances of Gabby Petito and Maya Millete. The first mystery was solved before our eyes almost immediately. The second, though not yet solved, finally had an arrest around 9 months later. In both cases, who was responsible? Who is the usual suspect? The media portrayed Deanne as someone that had turned her life around and was happily in love. I knew a different story. I know that at the time Deanne disappeared, she was trying to escape and felt like she was in danger. She had planted a seed with me that she was going to leave and either come to see me, or have me come see her. I think she was denied that chance. When I emailed her to check on her around the time of her disappearance, I received a response from her email address, but it wasn't from Deanne.

Over the years I have collected a variety of sources, information, and what I believe to be substantial evidence. That information, which all points in one very specific direction, has been presented to the authorities. Nothing has been done. Deanne deserves better. Her family deserves better. Those that loved her deserve better. We have all failed Deanne in failing to bring what little justice may be brought to her disappearance and what I believe wholeheartedly was the taking of a beautiful but troubled soul.

I have several stories on my blog talking about what Deanne meant to me. Please feel free to share any stories about Deanne in the hopes of bringing light back to her story and putting it in front of the eyes of someone that can and will do something. Unless her story can somehow get national attention all these years later, it's hard to believe anything will happen. Here is just one of my stories sharing what Deanne meant to me.

Live YouTube feed from November 4th, 2021, the six year anniversary of Deanne's disappearance. 

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So sad. You guys will see her again and will get to spend eternity with her in heaven


Just wanted to respond & say that I’m sorry. I’m sorry that we have to go through a world where some ppl in this world feel that they have the right to take another person’s life. Or that we do not have better help when it comes to mental health struggles. Praying for humanity, for you, her family, friends.amd everybody as a whole!
It’s possible that yes her fiance found out about her being out there with these guys, snapped and did something. I do agree unfortunately that she probably is gone. I know that that is not what people want. However I pray, if you& her family & friends do believe in God, then I hope that you know that she is in a better place. That she is truly not gone and rather just waiting on the other side for you, and everybody else that loved her and that she loves. And it is there that you guys will get to see her and be with her for eternity. This little blip of time that we spend here on Earth is just a small amount of time as we all know. But eternity… It is forever! Hopefully that brings you some peace. So, therefore it truly is just a matter of time. Lastly, & for whoever hurt her, no that their eternity will be spent in the burning pits of hellfire. They will receive Justice ultimately. Although as we all know it would be better if they were caught so that during this time here they could be locked away and kept from hurting anybody else. Other than that it is possible that because of her mental health issues that she had an accident somewhere and just hasn’t been found. So many possibilities. Either way, you all will see her again.


Heartbreaking that she’s still missing. Mental health is so difficult to deal with sometimes. I hope she is found both for her sake and that of her family and friends. With love from Edinburgh 🙏💜🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


Thanks so much for sharing how much Deanne meant to you. I have gathered from the small hints in your story, who you feel is responsible. If that is true, how do you explain the CCTV footage at the gas station and the multiple sightings of people saying she seemed disoriented? Do you feel that she was caught spending time with the gentleman who ended up having her credit cards and that sealed her fate? Do you believe the timeline to her disappearance be different than what law enforcement has said? I hope she’s found soon. Until then I’ll be sending positive thoughts to you and her family.

Crystal Summers

I am watching Deanne’s story on ID network. It is terribly sad that her loved ones have no answers.
I hope and pray that they will get closure in the future.


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