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About Michael Carini & Acrylic Alchemy

Don’t be afraid to be different…Be afraid to be the same

Michael Carini is a neurodivergent artist with Tourette's based in San Diego

Michael Carini received his artistic training in Los Angeles, studying at Loyola Marymount University while simultaneously serving as an apprentice under respected artists Jane Brucker and Roland Reiss. Graduating at the top of his class with honors including the Scholar of Distinction Award in Painting, Carini returned to his hometown in San Diego, where he currently maintains his studio. With over 100 exhibitions nationally and internationally, he has received over a dozen major awards and was named Emerging Artist of the Year by Art Design Consultants. Carini's work can be found all over the globe in the collections of celebrities, major businesses, and private collectors. 


About Braska

This little kitty was born on the mean street of Omaha, Nebraska. After a rough start to life that landed her in an Omaha animal shelter at just a couple months old, Michael rescued her and flew her out to sunny San Diego, giving her a new identity, a new name (Braska), and a new life filled with cat trees, boxes, and everything else her little kitty mind could ever imagine. Though Michael thinks he is in charge, it's clear that Braska is the real boss. She brings great joy into the studio and a lot of love. Braska enjoys doing Instagram Live videos and taking selfies when she's not stepping in paint or trying to steal Michael's paintbrushes, which has become her favorite new hobby. She generally does her managing from the perch of her studio cat tree where she can get a clear view in between daytime naps in the sun. Braska makes contributions to Michael's work by making sure every single piece has remnants of kitty fur. She knows there is no better way to show her appreciation for her new life and to remind Michael that she really saved him.

Braska after winning "Employee of the Month" for the 65th month in a row



Artist Statement

Michael Carini is the Acrylic Alchemist 

Pain to purpose and essence of energy, I capture the moments between the breaths-

Michael Carini’s creative visions will play with your senses and illuminate the human condition as he delves into the uncensored depths of his mind and invites you to catch a glimpse of the other side. Transmuting his medium through what he describes as a poetically alchemical process based upon the principles of equivalent exchange (Acrylic Alchemy), it is Carini’s hope that you will completely lose yourself within these labyrinthine experiences, only to discover a new sense of self and emerge reborn.

As every story has a past, present, and future, what may at first glimpse appear to be non-objective abstraction is in fact segmentations of energetic imagery, interacting and breathing through the boundlessness of space and time.

Welcome to the world of “The Boy In The Box”- 


About Carini Arts

Carini Arts is owned and operated by myself, artist Michael Carini, also known as the Acrylic Alchemist. Based in San Diego, Carini Arts is 100% artist direct. As a small, independently run business, your support puts paint on my palette and food on my table so I can continue sharing my dreams with the world. You make this impossible dream possible. Choose Carini Arts and feed a starving artist today!

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 Beautiful contemporary abstract art by Southern California gallery artist Michael Carini of Carini Arts

What I Do

EVERYTHING! My mission is to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience with powerful and meaningful art that can be placed in any room or environment to provide just the right energy or inspirational push you need. Whether you're an individual, business, or organization seeking the most avant-garde canvas art for your home or office, Carini Arts has the hands-on expertise to walk you through the entire art selection process. With a down-to-earth approach built upon a foundation of genuine relationships, I make buying art a seamless and memorable experience that will last a lifetime. It is these deeply rooted connections between real art and real people that lead so many Carini Arts patrons to return again and again. 

Some people like to collect art and some people like to collect experiences. Looking to take an art class? Join me for private art lessons or a night of creative exploration with Carini Arts. I work with all ages, group sizes, and experience levels. Contact for your specific inquiries and needs. 

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 *Wholesale art rates available for designers, art dealers, and qualified businesses


Who I Serve

EVERYONE! Carini Arts works with a diverse group of people because of my inclusive mentality that believes art can truly benefit and transform people from all walks of life. I am here to passionately serve YOU! I am 100% committed to providing the very best art and art experiences to those that seek to create  lifelong memories, transforming spaces and souls in the process. 

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  • Those just needing a little light and hope


Where I Serve

Collected in every state and over two dozen countries

EVERYWHERE! Based in San Diego, most of my experience based services are relatively local and community based, but I can provide turnkey service anywhere and regularly ship artwork worldwide. Where this is a will, there is a way. Let's make it happen! 

Local areas frequently serviced:

  • San Diego
  • Carlsbad
  • La Jolla
  • Del Mar
  • Rancho Santa Fe
  • Coronado
  • Encinitas
  • Carmel Valley
  • Laguna Beach
  • Laguna
  • Newport Beach
  • Orange County
  • Beverly Hills
  • Los Angeles
  • Palm Springs
  • Scottsdale




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