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Carini Arts

Donate To Feed An Artist And Feed Your Soul

Donate To Feed An Artist And Feed Your Soul

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Goal: Change as many lives as possible

You can also Venmo or PayPal me @CariniArts

You truly make what I do possible. Every dollar donated puts paint on the palette, food on the table, and helps Braska get one step closer to her master plan of Cat Tree City in my studio at Carini Arts. As a starving artist, every donation, no matter the size, makes it possible to reach more and more people so I can share my dreams and visions with the world. I appreciate everything and your support really does make a difference for me, for Braska, and for the lives I am so blessed to touch. 

If you would like to see who and what you are donating to, check out my "About" page HERE or take a look at the video below.

*Custom painting commissions available upon request

Message me for original paintings or commissions


Mostly For Her poems available upon request 

-Contact me if you have a preferred poem or gift piece

-Poems also available framed, as canvas prints, or as custom painting commissions

All poems can be viewed in #MostlyForHer FB album HERE 


$3 - Carini sticker

$5 - Carini postcard + sticker

$10 - Carini hand-signed card + sticker

$20 - Carini hand-signed card + postcard + stickers

$50 - Surprise goody bag from yours truly

$100 - Jumbo surprise goody bag from yours truly

$150 - Original mini "Beautiful Accident" + goody bag

$250 - Original small "Beautiful Accident"  + goody bag

$500 - Original medium "Beautiful Accident" or small commission + goody bag

$1,000 - Original large "Beautiful Accident" or medium commission + goody bag

$2,500 - Large commission + goody bag


You never really know what I might send and I may just surprise you...


THANK YOU for sharing my work and all of the love & support!


***Some restrictions may apply on international donations***

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Braska has been "Employee of the Month" at Carini Arts 60+ months in a row

Superstar employee Braska wants to tell you that your support puts food on the table & paint on the palette