Braska Carini and Michael Carini of Carini Arts in San Diego, CA

An Ocean Of Emotion

Braska and Michael Carini of Carini Arts in their studio in San Diego, CA

This ocean-themed triptych is a special commission for a private collector and their home in Pacific Beach, CA. 

Braska and I have been putting in a lot of hard work on this ocean themed commission set and as we're nearing the end of the journey, we're looking back to appreciate how far we've come. It's amazing to look at a big project and reflect on how it all came together because for us, like so many others, it can be overwhelming and we do often feel the pressures...of personal anxieties, of not letting people down, of being as good as we once were, of being better than we've been.

I think a big key to moving forward, at least for us, has been getting comfortable being uncomfortable. What we mean by that is conditioning ourselves and taking baby steps, one at a time, even when it's tough. Those baby steps add up though and when you look back, there's progress!

Braska wanted to add she's taking a step right now because she's not comfortable with me holding her for photos and wants to be put down. Way to go Braska! 

Here's A Timeline Diving Into The Depths Of This Creative Adventure

Carini Arts in San Diego, CA
Carini Arts ocean themed art work in progress
Ocean themed art by artist Michael Carini
custom commissioned art by Michael Carini and Carini arts in San Diego, CA
bts with Michael and Braska at Carini Arts
ocean painting commission by Michael Carini of Carini Arts in San Diego, CA
Swimming in the waves of paintings with Carini Arts
Custom art commission for private collector in Pacific Beach
Ocean-themed painting commission for a home in Pacific Beach, CA
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