Carini Arts Loses A Fur Friend

Carini Arts Loses A Fur Friend

Mooshy "Moo" Carini

Mooshy "Moo" Carini
Mooshy "Moo" Carini as a kitten in 2008

Sunday started off so good. Things have been rough for a long time, but I woke up feeling really hopeful. I met with a collector early in the afternoon and found a new home for some of my art, so things were definitely feeling like they were moving in a positive direction.

Mooshy "Moo" Carini at Carini Arts
Remembering Mooshy "Moo" Carini

One of my senior cats from a bonded pair, Moo, had not been feeling well recently. I had already called the vet to try to set up an appointment for this week, but when I had some resources come in from my art, I decided I would rather take her to the emergency vet right away to be safe. Despite doing her best to fight and hold on for as long as she could, Moo had lost a lot of weight in a short period and I was told she had a large mass in her stomach. I felt it would have been selfish for me to ask Moo to suffer so I could have more time with her, so I had to make the difficult decision to say goodbye. I held her as she parted.

Carini Arts mourns the loss of Mooshy "Moo" Carini

Moo and Mee celebrated their 16th Birthday on Valentine's Day. Moo ate a few little treats, and she did spend her last couple nights in my chair on my lap getting pets. I think we both knew the time was coming, and I'm thankful we did have that bonding time to say goodbye to each other. Even though I had an idea this might be coming, it still feels like I was hit by a train. Moo was a very good girl, and I will never forget her.
Michael Carini and Carini Arts mourn the loss of Mooshy "Moo" Carini

The entire team decided to name Moo the February “Employee of Month” and she will also receive the “Carini Arts Lifetime Achievement Award” for being a really good girl. We miss you Moo. 
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