Michael Carini puts his heart into his Carini Hearts, which can have one of his signature quotes or poems added to them

Carini Signature Sets Art Back!

Some of Michael Carini's top-selling signature sets are back! A new collection has been added to the Carini Arts shop for Carini Signature Sets, including Carini Hearts and Carini Phoenix Flowers, both of which can have a Carini poem or quote added to them. There will be some stock pieces, but custom commissions are available with your preferred color palettes. These are a great way to start or add to your collection. Get one, or get a set. Discounts are available on sets.

Message for inquires and requests

Michael Carini puts his heart into his art, including his heart paintings
Michael Carini's inspirational Phoenix rising paintings
Michael Carini beautiful phoenix paintings are great in sets
Michael Carini's signature Acrylic Alchemy icons created from his recycled paint palettes
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