COVID-19 Quarantine: Mental Health Struggles And Opportunities

COVID-19 Quarantine: Mental Health Struggles And Opportunities

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Things have been a bit darker for most as of late, and many of us are having to create our own light through the catastrophic COVID-19 pandemic and current quarantine that is keeping us caged at home with limited resources and outlets. That is easier for some than others, and I am definitely having my own personal battles. That struggle, minimal as it may be in relation, has woken me up to what others may be feeling or experiencing right now as we fight to keep our heads above water in situations and circumstances for which most were ill prepared. Sometimes when everyone is freaking out, you have to rise up, step forward, and be that voice of reason...even though you may be struggling yourself and feel like you don't have it within you. If you can muster that light, any light, from within yourself, it is more important than ever to share it and keep hope alive.

I've been overwhelmed with the outpouring of love I have received when I was trapped in anxiety fueled self-destructive thoughts these past few weeks. It was the unexpected love of others that helped me realize this is an opportunity. Sometimes opportunity comes in tragic forms, but I feel like those are the ones that have the potential to be the most impactful and enduring. Opportunity doesn't knock when we are prepared. It comes when we least expect it. May we all learn from this global catastrophe, seize that hazy opportunity on the horizon, and if you you have managed to muster up your own light, consider sharing it and watch it return multi-fold.

I understand that some people are hit harder by the Coronavirus and these circumstances than others and if you just feel that you don't have it in you right now, that's okay too. I've had my moments in this when I have fallen short and wasn't doing all that I could...or really anything at all. If this specific moment is not your time, it doesn't mean that it won't come. Hold on...sometimes holding on is our progress...and that's okay too. I'm sending you love and rest assured that even the greatest of us struggle and have our moments of weakness. Those moments of weakness also have the potential to breed the greatest strength in the forms of empathy and understanding. Stay strong. Hold on. We will get through this...together. I've got you.

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Hearing your words and struggles has helped me. when I hear that you are so strong and are over coming them. I have been very depressed being in a high risk group with age and medical problems I am staying home all the time. Your art lifts my spirits. Thank you for your blogs and videos, You are touching and giving hope to a lot of people.


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