Flora & Fauna Art Exhibition At Adelman Fine Art April 9 - June 26.

Michael Carini art exhibition at Adelman Fine Art Gallery in San Diego, CA

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 23 7-9pm

I've got some great works on exhibit in this show, including:

My massive 5' x 8' marquee painting 

As The Caged Bird Sings 
My tribute to my missing friend, Deanne Hastings

Journey Into The Heart Of The Philosopher's Stone 
My specialty rotating circular painting

Of Light And Shadows (The Life That Grows From Death)
My collaborative table set with Edenic Design

...And More

Michael Carini coffee table collaboration with Edenic Design
Michael Carini spinning circular painting
As The Caged Bird Sings is a tribute to my missing friend Deanne Hastings

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