A powerful art commission by Michael Carini about color blindness and cancer

Legacy Of Silver Linings: Somewhere Between Black And White

Some art chances the person it is created for. Some art changes the artist.

I just finished a new commission and it is a powerful lesson of perspective and perception. This particular commission is for a collector and friend who is color blind. Though color blindness is more common amongst men, this particular collector and friend is female. I've sometimes wondered if that's why more women are drawn to my colorful and expressive works, but I've been told there may be other factors involved in that equation (insert big laugh here). Nonetheless, my understanding of limited color visions has long factored into how I play with value contrasts in my compositions. In this case, my intent was to focus primarily on a desaturated color palette that highlights and reflects the intimate relationships of value contrasts, and I limited my color spectrum to primarily blacks, whites, greys, and silvers. Though this creation is for someone with limited color vision, I hid a few treasures within the painting that, in all likelihood, only she can see. Through the application of interference colors that appear almost white at one angle, a specific color on the spectrum at another, and the complement of that color at yet another, I incorporated subtle accents within the color spectrum that she told me she can see. This will be almost invisible in most photos, but very visible, I hope, for her.

San Diego artist Michael Carini's powerful art commission on color blindness and cancer

As I prepped this painting and was thinking about the story I would be sharing, my friend informed me that she is also battling cancer. Though I am tremendously saddened by her news, I am tremendously honored that she entrusted me to tell her story through what I love most. This painting will one day be a piece of her legacy for her children and I hope it will help her in her fight to come.

Behind the paint with Michael Carini of Carini Arts

My intent thematically for this pieces was a simple, yet complexly layered beauty through the utilization of the Carini Technique. What may appear as non-objective abstraction to some may provide alternative glimpses of imagery for others...The figura serpentinata, an "S" shape, infinity symbol, a pregnant woman, an angel, a phoenix, feathers, an ouroboros, black holes, puzzle pieces, a silver lining...all would be astute interpretations...or perhaps you see something else entirely. I hope, most of all, that she will see hope.

Normally I title my works, but I think I'm going to leave this one for her to name. This is her legacy-

Reflections in paintings

Yesterday, I took a moment on one of my livestream videos to discuss struggles, rainy days, and seeing the silver linings beyond seemingly endless dark clouds. For much of my life, it was tremendously difficult, if not seemingly impossible, for me to see the silver lining in my own life. In more recent years, I have learned that perhaps my silver lining all along was to be that silver lining for others and I hope I can be that for her, and perhaps for you as well. I know that she reminded me of this and that is my silver lining today.

powerful art commission about being color blind and a battle with cancer


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