Fluid art and pour painting by Michael Carini of Carini Arts in San Diego, CA

My New "Open Wounds" Collection Is The Fluid Painting That Pours Passion

Pour painting techniques by socal artist Michael Carini of Carini Arts

My new series cuts deep into mental health and mental health awareness. "1t Gets S0 10ne1y 1ns1de My Head" is the latest addition to my "Open Wounds" collection. I wanted to create a set that specifically acknowledged the non-binary, while also being inclusive of the binary and giving a nod to my own neurodivergence. You don't have to agree with or understand someone to acknowledge their humanity. We all just want to be seen, heard...felt. Though different, we all face our battles, and in that way we are the same. Perhaps that's what it really means to be human.

Don't be afraid to be different...Be afraid to be the same

Fluid artist Michael Carini with a tribute to the non-binary community
Inclusive art the LGBTQ and non-binary community
Pour painting techniques from San Diego artist Michael Carini and his "Open Wounds" collection
Fluid art and pour painting by Michael Carini and Carini Arts
Statement abstract art by neurodivergent artist Michael Carini of San Diego, CA.
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