Neurodivergent art by neurodivergent artist Michael Carini of Carini Arts in San Diego, CA

Neurodivergent Art: Take A Journey Into My World

Neurodivergent art by Michael Carini of San Diego, CA

I've been doing a lot of pieces lately to raise awareness, and "Nothing Of The Neurodivergent" is my latest big addition to my "Open Wounds" collection, diving into my cycle of experience. The flow and shape of the piece are actually direct references to neurodivergence and the spectrum.

This is one of the pieces I'm working to add AR (Augmented Reality) to, and the AR experience will include a spoken word poem I wrote when I was 19 (half my life ago) called "Proof Of Nothing." The poem has a hidden message coded in it and references the ties that nothing has to something and ultimately everything. Thus, "Nothing Of The Neurodivergent" is also "Something Of The Neurodivergent" and "Everything Of The Neurodivergent." It's a matter of perspective and whose eyes you are looking through. Through my eyes, for a lot of years, I often felt like nothing until I fully acknowledged and embraced my differences and started to create my own reality, along with everything in it. That's another reason I thought it would be cool to tie in a poem I wrote half my life ago, adding both history and a reflection of the infinite cycle of connectedness.

Don't be afraid to be different...Be afraid to be the same

art of the neurodivergent - don't be afraid to be afraid to be the same
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