Michael Carini collaboration with Abstract "Super Human"

Super Human Inspiration

As every story has a past, present, and future, what may at first glimpse appear to be non-objective abstraction is in fact segmentations of energetic imagery interacting and breathing through the boundlessness of space and time. This is no more evident than in this collaborate effort with Abstract, where "The Boy In The Box" is timelessly melded with "Super Human", an incredibly powerful and experiential concept album that has been a heavy influence on my work as of late. This was very much a bucket list project for me, working with one of my favorite musicians. The parallels between the title piece of my series with the title track of this musical masterpiece was one the universe seemed to will into existence against all odds. We are born with dreams that life tries to push out of us. Hold on. Just hold on. You can do it. You can make it happen.

Painting: The Boy In The Box by Carini Arts
Music: Super Human by Abstract
Animation: TheGlitch - Motion Graphics

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