Artist Support Talks

 Over 100 artist support talks on YouTube for you 

My new series of YouTube art talks are all around 2 minutes or less!

Art chats on IG with @acrylicalchemy and @artforeveryonewithcariniarts

A Few Simple Tips On Pricing Your Art

My Favorite Acrylic Paint To Use: Let's Talk About Nova Color

Quick And Simple Pro Tip For Eliminating White Space On Your Canvas

A Few Quick And Simple Tips For Paintbrush Care And Handling

A Quick And Simple Art Hack For Dented Canvas

2 Minute Art Talks With Michael Carini: Dealing With Rejection

Other Topics Include:

  • Advice for pricing your art
  • Art you feel vs. art that is marketable
  • Passive sources of income
  • You are not less of an artist if...
  • Confidence for artists
  • Don't overthink your art
  • Sketching out your designs
  • Where to sign your art
  • Should you do art for exposure
  • Stepping into your purpose
  • Going all in on your dream
  • Copying other artists
  • Talent vs. hard work
  • Working on big art
  • Other artists are not my competition
  • Those annoying NFT scams
  • How should artists feel about AI art
  • Why I got rid of my backup plan
  • The barter system for artists
  • Art business is more than making art
  • Read your artist contracts

This is just a small samplings of the topics I cover. I've got many, many more for you. Please feel free to share with your groups and art friends.

The podcast officially ended at episode 20, but my series of artist support talks will continue on both YouTube and Instagram.

Art For Everyone Podcast With Carini & Vinnie

Welcome to the "Art For Everyone Podcast With Carini & Vinnie." Michael Carini is the Acrylic Alchemist, a full-time artist and the owner of Carini Arts. Vinnie works in real estate and doesn't have an art background. For far too long, the art community has felt like a special club or prestigious society, and it's time to bring it back to the people. Art should be inclusive and all levels should be welcome, so we invite you to the conversation. Join us as we talk art and art biz. No filters. No BS. No experience required.

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