The essential artist and why artists are needed more than ever in tough times

The Essential Artist: Art For Tough Times

This journey of being an artist is though. It was was never, is not, and will never be easy. It does seem to be getting more and more challenging though. Technology and advancement has opened up new doors of possibility, and that's a positive. On the other side of the coin, cost of living has become absolutely absurd, and completely unmanageable for so many, particularly those in the arts.

As times get tough, we need more hope. We need more soul. We need more art. Sadly, when times get tough, the people pushed down are the artists, because we are the first thing most people cut when times get tough. We are viewed as a non-essential, though we are so essential, for what is life without art? Sometimes that worries me, that the artists will be buried in the dust. It is these same times of trouble that remind me though, that it's the artists that find the creative solutions to rise from the ashes.

All of my work is available and I'll be happy to help you with that art that feeds your soul. I have art for homes and for businesses. I also license my art for products and labels. If you aren't looking for art, maybe you know someone that is.


Artists are essential to keep hope alive in the world today
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