ComicCon vibes from San Diego contemporary abstract artist Michael Carini of the hot and trending Carini Arts

The New Evolution Of Carini Arts

ComicCon art vibes from San Diego artist Michael Carini of Carini Arts
I'm pleased to introduce you to the next evolution of Acrylic Alchemy and the creations of Michael Carini

These are just the very first creations of a brand new collection that merges several bodies of work from Carini dating back to 2009. There will be much more to come in this exciting direction, and it's bound to be filled with twists and turns. Rich with layers of complexity and packed with Easter eggs, these paintings will provide you with a unique and varied experience every single time you look at them. Did I mention some have glow in the dark and blacklight properties? Just when you think you've seen it all, there's always a surprise from Michael Carini.

All artwork are available and shipping is worldwide. Installments are available because art should be accessible to everyone. Your support makes this dream possible. Buy art and feed an artist.

beautiful flower art and decor by trending artist Michael Carini of Carini Arts
Signature abstract artwork and gallery art fresh off the walls from Michael Carini and Carini Arts
One of a kind abstract artwork for sale from gallery artist Michael Carini in Southern California
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