Missing Mother: Deanne Hastings

Update: Shining A Light On Deanne Hastings For What Would Be Her 40th Birthday

Deanne's case is currently active with the Cold Case Foundation

It's important to do the right thing, even when nobody else is looking. It's also important to take care of people, even after they may be gone.

Months ago, I shared my personal reflection on the beautiful woman Deanne Marie Hastings was to me in a raw and heartfelt stream of consciousness. I continue to update the date of that story so it remains at the front of my blog and I intend to do so until there are answers and closure for those that loved her. If you would like to read that story, you can find it HERE

Missing Mother: Deanne Hastings

Deanne visiting around this time of year in 2013


Months after writing my last blog post about Deanne, which received an overwhelming and unexpected response, I felt a follow up story was necessary. February 27, 2020 marks what would be Deanne's 40th Birthday, something that is normally a milestone to be celebrated. In this case, there is little to celebrate beyond some of the memories of a beautiful but troubled woman whose disappearance has been all but swept under a rug and forgotten, most likely because of her troubled past. Deanne was a free spirit that lived in the moment. For that spirit, however, she paid the ultimate price.  I wouldn't have changed Deanne for anything because it was that energy that magnified her beautiful presence. I feel that is all the more reason to celebrate the woman she was and dive further into her story, rather than simply accept that another troubled woman is no longer having to face her demons and turn a blind eye to what quite likely a murder that was covered up and left to fade to the back of mind as a forgotten memory. As someone that loved her and is still seeking answers, that is what it feels like. It feels like a woman who battled mental health issues and addiction wasn't given the same attention and care that she would have otherwise received...by anyone and everyone. Deanne was enigmatic in life, and it appears that so too she is in what is presumed to be her untimely death.

I understand it may be difficult for me to be completely objective here, but I call it as I see it. I think that's why Deanne and I connected as well as we did. Since the release of my previous blog post, a number of sources close to her, and some not, have come forward with valuable and previously unprovided information that has since been directed to the appropriate authorities. To date, I have heard no news despite seemingly credible and valuable information being brought forth. Multiple unconnected sources provide continuity in this instance and the odds of that meaning something offer what should be at least a faint glimmer of hope. From the outside looking in, it's difficult to not see a few glaring oversights or key elements that were overlooked or ruled out despite evidence against them. I understand that there is a due process, but where is the due process for a mother of 3 trying to mend her life that vanishes out of nowhere?

For the protection of those that have come forward with that new information and  holding on to hope that the authorities investigating her case will still take a closer look at this new data, I am unfortunately not able to make the identities of those parties or the information they provided public. At some point though, something is either going to be done or Deanne and her disappearance will remain an unsolved mystery. My greatest hope at this point is that continuing to share the story will keep her or her memory alive enough to ignite a spark within someone that is capable of actually doing something in this terrible, terrible situation. Another hopeful alternative is that more people will come forward with valuable information to the point the suspicions of a handful can no longer be denied. 

This next week marks what would be Deanne's 40th Birthday and it's also getting close to what would be the 10 year anniversary of our meeting. I remember how excited Deanne was to turn 30. I never knew I wouldn't be able to celebrate her 40th with her, but perhaps I can still do something for her...my gift as her Wings. 

I won't ever give up on you Deanne-


Deanne Hastings 40th Birthday

In front of Deanne's handprints on what would be her 40th Birthday



Missing Woman: Deanne Hastings

Read more about Deanne and the indelible impact she had on my life HERE



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