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Now On OnlyFans!

I  am now on OnlyFans! For years I've struggled to navigate the various social media platforms, battling censorship and sometimes costly suspensions for my creative and artistic expression. As a small business that depends on these channels, I've often felt like I'm walking on eggshells. There are times I've been flagged and punished for sharing abstract works (flagged for sexuality) or openly discussing mental health. In most cases, I don't believe there were actual violations on my part. However, as an artist, it is my duty to be open and to challenge the established system...and now I can do that as I see fit. I'm FREE!


I'm excited to embark on this new journey with OnlyFans. I think that moving to a platform that allows my full and open creative expression will also allow me to have a better relationship with my other platforms. I can now stay totally PG on Facebook and Instagram, while being whatever I want to be on this liberating new platform. My OF page will include exclusive BTS content sharing the candid life of a full-time artist, kind of like The Truman Show. There will be tips, tutorials, artistic guidance, and YES...a little more spice...because that's who I really am. Essentially, you'll get me without the shackles or restraints. I'll be doing more photo shoots, fitness stuff, and some collabs with some of my lovely friends that use the platform. A lot of days I might just flip on the camera and let you watch me while I work.


In addition to the freedom, OnlyFans was an ideal move at this time because it's a subscription based platform. Though I love helping other artists and giving away the milk for free, I've done so for too long and to the degree of starving myself. I love to feed other artists, but sometimes I need to eat too. A platform where people are paying for my time will allow me to give my guidance and support to those fueling me. 


If OnlyFans is just not a platform for you, you can also subscribe to Carini Arts on Facebook or @AcrylicAlchemy on Instagram for less than $10 a month. Subscribers will have an opportunity for a little extra artistic guidance, support, and mentorship. Where you subscribe is completely up to you, but please know that I appreciate your support and you keep this impossible dream alive.


Now let's have some fun!

You can find me on OF under the handle Art.Daddy or you can check my Linktree

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