Rejection is just a stepping stone on the road to success. Why rejection can be a really good thing and push you to success.

Rejection Is Just A Stepping Stone On The Road To Success

Many "influencers" will try to sell you on their 69 point success plan. They'll try to convince you that it's a road paved with golden showers, but that's a load of 💩 The real secret to success is that there isn't one. It requires hard work, sacrifice, and at times, an obstinate refusal to quit...a willingness to just keep going, whatever it takes.

The other day I shared a gallery rejection I received. This is a new one I received this morning. In another post and in a live feed, I shared that rejection isn't necessarily a bad thing. I shared how every "No" just closes one door (at least for now) so I can shift my energy in the direction of a door opening for me and the rainbow farting unicorn that I am 🦄💨🌈

The truth is, If all I ever heard was "Yes," then I'm simply not dreaming big enough. You should hear "No," and it should encourage you. If it doesn't, you probably don't want it that bad...and you certainly don't NEED it. If you NEED it, you will use that "No" as your fuel. I know that with each "No" I receive, I am moving one step closer to my "Yes" ⛽

There are a lot of reasons that galleries reject submissions, and it's not necessarily a reflection of your work or your value. They may be looking for a different style right now. They may be looking for work that is bigger or smaller. They may be looking for work with a higher or lower price point. It may not even be that they don't want to work with you. It just may not be the right time. Their line up simply may be full. Sometimes that rejection can be the best thing for you, because you certainly don't want to tie up your inventory with a gallery that isn't going to feed you. Wait until there is room at the table, so you may feast 🍽️

Whatever your dream and wherever you are on this journey, embrace the challenge. Don't allow your fear of rejection to stop you or prevent you from ever getting started. That's the only way you can truly fail. The sooner you can work your way through your "Nos," the sooner you can reach your "Yes" 🔥

Go out and get your "Nos" ❤️
The journey of success is not linear

failure is part of the road to success
the only way you truly fail is to quit or never get started
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